LGD: Mike Harrington Is Sad Online


The world certainly hasn’t been fair to ol’ Mike Harrington, the protector of Buffalo Sports. 

First he didn’t get Connor McDavid as promised and after a short tantrum, has happily proclaimed Jack Eichel the greatest hockey player there ever was. 

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Next, he was sure that Mike Babcock was on his way to Buffalo, and after a large public meltdown in two countries in as many days, he’s now sure that Dan Bylsma is the greatest coach of all-time, and not the product of having two generational talents playing their best hockey in the prime of their careers.

Now, Sad Mike is having to deal with the fact that people have questions about nominating Ryan O’Reilly for the Masterton weeks before O’Reilly faces charges on driving his truck into the side of a Tim Hortons while intoxicated. 

Thankfully Mike has solved all that and has declared a rule on the internet that only people in the Buffalo area code can talk about sports in Buffalo. We’ll oblige with that, and hand over the bulk of the pregame to Mr. Harrington.

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Here’s Mike Harrington on Coach Babcock:

(The Leafs also made a lot of roster changes today. You can read about them here.)

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Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com



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Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com

Starting Goaltenders



(shout out to James Mirtle for the dunk)

What to Watch For…

  • Thin skinned journalists blocking people on Twitter
  • Reassurances that the Sabres improvement this year is more than simply choosing not to blow up their meth lab of a team at the deadline
  • Let’s face it, Brian Gionta is going to do something stupid
  • Lindberg & Kapanen & Brennan & Campbell
  • What very well could be the last Leafs win of the season

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