You’ll notice we’re a little late at getting you the pregame for tonight’s game against the Flyers. That’s largely because we’re so excited for the post game, which could include the Leafs clinching 30th overall and the Flyers making it more difficult for the Bruins to make the post season. 

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Yes. It’s a shame that we can’t magically be transported to that time, but instead we will watch yet another Leafs hockey game.


It’s still the same team that lost to the Blue Jackets 5-1 last night, only tonight they are playing against a team that really wants to win. That pretty much means we’re going to be dealing with a Leafs win so Toronto and Philadelphia fans can walk away from this upset. 

Tonight is Kasperi Kapanen’s 9th game in the NHL. So I’d assume this will be the last we see of him for the year. I can’t imagine Toronto will burn a year of his entry level contract when he’s been held pointless the entire time, but you never know.

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Lineups via Dailyfaceoff.com

The Flyers are one of four teams with three games left on the season, thanks to a game rescheduled because of a snow storm, so they’ve got a few kicks at the can on clinching a playoff spot, especially since Boston and Detroit go head to head tonight, though Pittsburgh and the Islanders both make for tougher opponents and have more incentive to keep them out. 

Tonight is Philadelphia’s best opportunity to get a foothold on the playoffs, so I’d imagine we’ll see a lot of effort.

Lineup via Dailyfaceoff.com

Tonight it will be Steve Mason against Jonathan Bernier, which sees the 2008 gold medal winning Canadian World Junior tandem go head to head. Remember when these were the two most promising goaltenders in hockey? Memories.

What to Watch for…

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  • Hopefully we’re seeing a season worth of tanking come to it’s close
  • Gostisbehere will actually be fun to watch. He’s really good.
  • Uhhhhhh…..I mean, there’s two games left to see the Leafs this year. I guess focus in on what makes you happy here and try to enjoy it because it’s soon going away for over 5 months.

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  • SEER


    Rockin’: Leafs vs Flyers Match/Mash-Up Montage – TML 2014-15

    —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OsN-_m0aLbk


    ..And this is the last of my 2016 NHL Draft Player Montages… I have done 31.. Representing one for each NHL team.. (although some teams have more than one pick in the 1st Round.. : )

    Charles McAvoy/
    Defense/ shoots L/ Born Dec 21 1997/ Long Beach, NY/ 18 yrs. ago/ Height 6.01/ Weight 211

    RECENT STATS: (*Up to April 6th 2016)

    2013-14 USA National U-17 Team – USHL
    34 Games… 4 Goals… 6 Assists… 10 Points… +1 ——————–

    2014-15 National U-18 Team -USHL
    23 Games… 3 Goals… 16 Assists… 19 Points… +20
    2015-16 University Of Boston Terriers – H-East – NCAA
    37 Games… 3 Goals… 22 Assists… 25 Points… +10

    Rollin’ With McAvoy: Charles McAvoy 2015-16 Highlights – 2016 NHL Draft Prospect

    —> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MOJO2B04mc4