WWYDW: Leafs Other RFAs

In case this is the first Leafs thing you’ve looked at today, you’ve probably noticed that Morgan Rielly and Nazem Kadri have been re-signed to very reasonable six year deals

I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to say very reasonable. I meant to say freaking fantastic.

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The Leafs have taken care of their two biggest restricted free agents in very quick fashion, and of the RFAs not reassigned to the Marlies, that really only leaves Frank Corrado, Martin Marincin, and Peter Holland left to deal with.

So let’s deal with them, or rather, you deal with them. First and foremost are you qualifying them, and if so what do you think is a fair term and average annual cap hit for them? 

Martin Marincin has shown he can be a solid 4th/5th defenseman who can move up the lineup to address the current Leafs holes on defense.

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Frank Corrado is the only right handed shot on the Leafs blueline unless you assume that Connor Carrick and Nikita Zaitsev are locks for the Leafs next season as well, but still, it’s incredibly thin on that side.

Peter Holland has provided excellent forward depth, being able to play on the wing, center, and fill any gap on any line. He’s been a bit of a Swiss Army knife for the Leafs, and on a team that still doesn’t ooze center depth, that’s not a bad asset to keep around.

Also consider that we’re likely a year away from an expansion draft and how anxious you are to have today’s Marlies in tomorrow’s Leafs lineup.

So tell us what you think. What kind of future do these players have with the Leafs? 

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  • Gary Empey

    marincin should be very cheap. he doesn’t put up a lot of points and didn’t play a lot for most of the year. same with corrado. holland should be around $1m-$1.5m for a year or two. he can be replaced though. they should consider trading him in a package deal for another young roster player.

  • Gonzomaus

    I would try to get as many years as possible out of Marincin now, preferably at $1.5M or under. If they can get him to agree to 4×1.5M that would be ideal.

  • Harte of a Lion

    I’m glad they signed Kadri. Yesterday I said a 5yr @ 4.6 would make me happy. 6 yrs at 4.5 is amazing depending on the limited NTC. I imagine that lets my Kadri and JVR or Gardiner for Trouba and Winnipeg’s 1st went out the window. Nobody accepts a trade to Winnipeg… No offence Jets fans.

    Rielly at 6 yrs, 5M is great but I hoped to get 1 or 2 more years of free agency. I guess the thinking is if he becomes a true #1 superstar you should be willing to pay him for another 5 years.

    I truly feel Marincin has the potential to be a decent 1b or a great 2b d-man. If they can sign him 3 years x 1.2 it be a steal. Probably offer him 1 year @ 1 million to prove this season wasn’t a fluke.

    I have always liked Holland but with all the kids coming up, and only 50 contracts he could be packaged on draft day to move up or for more draft picks.

  • TGT23

    I want Marincin back, for sure. He’s a great defensive D-Man, and they should be able to get him cheap because the NHL pays for offensive D-Men significantly more.

    I like Corrado, but if Zeitsev is coming in and Carrick is ready, I’m not sure how much I’d be willing to pay for him to be a 6th/7th D. Reilly, Gardiner, Marincin, Carrick, Zeithev are all pretty much locks. Harrington, Percy, and Corrado would be fighting for one spot.

    Nevermind Loov and Valiez, both will probably want to fight for the spot, too.

    Still, I’d want to retain him if at all possible. I mean, an abundance of depth at the NHL-ready D-Men spot can only be a positive thing.

    As for Holland… Well, they could bring Gauthier up, or they could play Laich at C with some kids flanking him on the wing (Brown and Leivo?), or Leo in the same role. They could use Froese as a 4th, re-sign Smith or Arcobello, Sam Carrick as a 4th?…

    And that’s without factoring in drafting Matthews or signing Stamkos to push Bozak down to 4th. Marner at C, for that matter. There’s just so many options I’m not really sure I care, tbh. He’s a 4th Line C, if you think he provides something all the other options don’t, or you can’t get a #1 to push everyone down a line, then re-sign him. Sure.

  • Harte of a Lion

    Next years Defensive pairings




    Brennan as #7

    Here is my reasoning
    I would like to have Brennan spend some time with Babcock playing sheltered minutes to see if he can calm down and stop panicking in his own end. I have no doubt he can put up points, move the puck and make a tape to tape pass at full speed but it’s all meaningless if as soon as he feels pressure, he bangs it off the glass or turns it over. He was earning NHL dollars to play in the AHL $675,000… Would he stay knowing he is close but no cigar yet or is it time to move on?

    I’d like to see a larger sample of Rielly and Marincin, Babcock stated Marincin plays like a “Stralman” and if he can continue to improve, he might be the steal of the 2015 draft as far as trades go.

    I actually prefer Carrick to Corrado but Carrick can still clear waivers… I believe he can still be sent down next year and Corrado has shown enough in a small sample size to warrant a further look. If they lost Corrado to waivers, he was a free p/u so nothing lost and a SPC gained

    Zaitsev needs to play sheltered minutes while he adjusts to the NHL and Löov plays a complimentary style, is much more physical and his skating and hockey sense won’t hold Zaitsev back.

    The right shot d-man everyone always overlooks is Justin Holl and from what I have seen, he has the tools to be an NHL d-man. I hope they give him an opportunity.

    I think that there might be some trades coming (5 players for Micheal “stone cold hands” Grabner) to make room for Derocher moving up to the Marlies, he is playing his overage year now, or to make room for other free agent pick-ups. I think both Nielson and Dermott will be returned to junior to dominate at that level although after watching Nielson the past few games with the Marlies, He could benefit from playing full time in the AHL. It’s all a matter of managing the 50 SPC limit.

    D-men on the Marlies next year, LEFT/Campbell, Valiev, Derocher, Harrington, Stanton, Percy, RIGHT Kolomitis, Martin, Carrick, Holl, Doherty

  • magesticRAGE

    Corrado I would waive. Right now, he’s a bottom pairing defenseman, and would need to wait for the rest of the lineup to form.

    Holland I like. It’s easier to sign him 2x$1.5M with familiarity, than to go to free agency. He’s been a good soldier.

    For me, it’s a bit tricky with Marincin. I think Loöv would be a better defender, and adds the physicality that the blue line needs. Carrick deserves a roster spot, and Zaitsev will be given every opportunity (his to lose). I think I would give him a full season to prove his worth @ $1.5M, while giving Loöv semi-regular work (contract year).

    They should try and package Harrington and Percy for picks or advance the draft order. They are taking up contract slots.

  • Gary Empey

    I see a surprising amount of love for Marincin here… I really need to see some stats on this guy because, from what I watched, he was mostly awful. Harte of a Lion mentioned that Brennan panics with the puck but I don’t think I have seen a Leaf D panic as much as Marincin does in years. Granted, I didn’t watch every minute of every game but the decision making I saw was brutal. It looked like the guy gave the puck away every shift. For such an enormous body, he rims the puck around the boards like he’s in bantam.

    Right now, I’d let Marincin walk, offer Corrado 800K to have a 3rd pair right shot, and find a spot for Holland at $1M so I could trade him easily if I needed to open up a roster spot.

    Zaitsev will probably start in the A to get accustomed to the NA game.

    I’m sure Lou can find a couple of quality 1yr contracts on July 1st to plug the remainder of the holes.

    • Harte of a Lion

      I watch every Leaf game and I’ll admit that the first 40 games Marincin seemed to panic A LOT however many of those giveaways you mention, he was able to recover and in many cases recover the puck. Once he was paired with Rielly he became a possession monster consistently driving the play.

      The great thing about Marincin is that for most of the game he is invisible, quietly driving possession, almost always in position and that’s a Babcock type player. You must remember he just turned 24, has only 150 games of NHL experience with 85 of those spread over 2 seasons with the Oilers. A team that made Jeff Petry look befuddled and lost whenever he was on the ice.

      I believe that the two sleeper d-men in the system who have a great upside that no one other that the coaches and management appreciate are Marincin and Justin Holl.