Phil Kessel, troll god, will host his day with the Stanley Cup in Toronto in July

Photo Credit: Charles LeClaire/USA TODAY Sports

Pittsburgh Penguins winger and Stanley Cup champion Phil Kessel, formerly of the Toronto Maple Leafs, will be hosting his day with the Stanley Cup in the city he still considers his second home, according to Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston.

Jettisoned in a move that certainly seemed to be more about shaking up the Maple Leafs dressing room culture and bottoming out almost exactly a year ago today, it’s an epic troll move from one of hockey’s most unique star players.

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We can only hope that Kessel – now that he’s traded mustard on his sleeves in his civvies, for a mustard colouring on his sleeves when wearing a Penguins jersey – ventures down to Front and Blue Jays way, buys every sausage in stock at the two street meat stands there, and hands them out to the denizens of the six.  

It might be cool too if he joined Tyler Seguin for one of those 6 a.m. parties that so upset Richard Peddie

Or perhaps he can touch base with his former linemate and Tyler Bozak and discuss at length the fact that when people were saying a couple of years ago that on a “championship calibre team, Bozak is a third liner”, it wasn’t necessarily an insult. After all, that turned out to be the case for Kessel too!

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  • FlareKnight

    Eh, bring on the glorious thumbs down. Paying less taxes out of Ontario and can still enjoy the games just as much.

    If he wants to troll up Toronto, that’s not a big deal. He won so good for him. It was a win/win scenario for everyone. We have a bright future, he’s got the championship.

  • TheKert

    Honestly, this says a lot about Phil’s character. He’s bringing it to Toronto for all the fans who supported him during his formative years as an NHLer.

    He’s going to make a lot of young Leafs fans happy. Without this visit, they’d have to wait another 2-5 years to see the Cup in Toronto.

  • Gary Empey

    @Thomas Drance. A lot of people crapped on Kessel when he was here. It looks like some still get a perverse enjoyment of crapping on him long after he is gone.

  • Koocheecoo

    I like Phil and miss his interviews. Nice he feels so good about TO. It’s kinda like we won the Cup with him since the Leafs are still paying part of his salary. Cup coming to Toronto. We won! Yay!!