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#BudsFeed: 11 Reasons Why Toronto’s Rebuild Is Going Better Than Buffalo’s

It’s official: The Leafs started their rebuild later than the Sabres, and are much further along. A lot of people are surprised, but I think there has been a lot of evidence that this was coming.

1. We have the handsomer Nylander

If life has taught me anything, it’s that good looks means you’re better at everything at general.

2. We have the superior young American Superstar

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Don’t get me wrong, I’d love to have Jack Eichel on my team. He’s a solid #2 centre.

3. Our goalie isn’t a Trump Supporter

Robin Lehner had a great season this year and his team was still awful. I think we know why. Karma.

4. We paid our #1 d-man less than you paid yours even though he’s a lot better than yours

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Rasmus Ristolainen = $5.4 million.

Morgan Rielly = $5.0 million.

Imagine having a team that considers Ristolainen their #1 d-man. Yeesh.

5. You surrounded your elite young talents with someone who fled the scene of a DUI. 

All of our Tim Hortons are completely in tact.

6. We have the coach you wanted and paid less than you offered.

7. Your GM doesn’t even want your best player on the team.

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Remember when he whined about not winning the draft lottery and having to settle for Eichel after putting together the most blatant tank we’ve ever witnessed? Dude, just be happy that you have such a solid #2 centre.

8. Rasmus Ristolainen’s corsi

I just wanted another reason to post this chart.

9. The players have to live in Buffalo

When will you realize that players sign a contract with Buffalo because they know they’ll get #PegulaMoney, then promptly play very poorly so they can gtfo of Buffalo as quickly as possible?

10. Whoever is in charge of the music.

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Only impressive thing about this is that the person managed to find something worse than AC/DC and Oasis and the Sabres.

11. Mike Harrington.

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