LFR10 – Round 1, Game 3 – Star Command – Wsh 3, Tor 4 (OT)

Boz Lightyear to the rescue! Ladies and gentlemen – the Leafs have a lead in a playoff series!!!

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  • Justin.PI

    I agree on the marner call, their absolutely terrified of him. Whenever he touches the puck, nearest defender tries to level him. and its worked so far to a degree. he hasn’t been the same, still making amazing plays, but you can tell by the amount he’s dumped it in, rather than carry it in, its bugging him

  • TSF

    I was walking out of my office and snapped a picture of you on the jumbo tron of the ACC during trivia time. Security would only let me take one… it’s not the greatest but I’d love to share.. suggestions on how (I don’t do instagram)