WWYDW: What’s one out-of-the-box offseason move you’d do?

In our first offseason instalment of WWDYW this year, we’re already looking ahead to the new season.

If you didn’t know somehow before the playoffs, you quickly learned that the Leafs are a very good hockey team.

But even the team’s biggest optimist will tell you that there’s work to be done yet with this team’s roster.

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Some people are of the mindset the Leafs should be making a Stanley Cup push as early as next season, others are going to be happy just to make the playoffs again.

And whether it will be a busy offseason or not is foreseen, but at the very least it’ll be an interesting one. Players will come and players will go, and the roster we saw in the playoffs isn’t going to be the same one that hits the ice in October and moving forward.

We’ll go through an expansion draft that although it won’t kill the Leafs will see them lose an asset, we’ll go through the draft where the Leafs are picking in the middle of the first round for the first time in a while, and we’ll go through a July 1st free agency period where the Leafs should have a little cash to spend.

So what do you want to do this offseason that’s pretty crazy but also within the realm of plausibility?

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Trade away all of the team’s draft picks? Trade up in the draft? Give Jeremy Bracco the captaincy and make him the first line centre? Trade Nylander for a depth defenceman?  Reward Curtis McElhinney with a nine-year deal? Hand Shattenkirk a blank cheque? Make a push for Joe Thornton? Build an Auston Matthews statue on Legends Row already? Find a way to trade for Wayne Simmonds? Bring in TJ Oshie? Pull in Thomas Vanek?

What is it? Leave your answer in the comments below.

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  • Kevin

    I would trade the 17/18th overall selection to move closer to the top 10 and grab a defenseman, such as one of the top two Finish defenders. This isn’t really an out-of-the-box move but it’s a departure from Hunter’s previous draft strategies where the Leafs traded down to get more picks.

    • Kevin

      That wouldn’t be enough for Drew Doughty. The prospect with the highest potential there is Nielsen and even he’s not even a “can’t miss prospect.” I think you’d at least be looking at Morgan Rielly and a 1st for Drew Doughty. Even then you might have to add a prospect like Kapanen to sweeten the pot.

  • Sign Brian Boyle as long as he wants for 2 mil per, then call it a summer. Pray the expansion is kind to us, have a good draft, and give it another year like this.

    JVR, Leo, Bozie, AND LUPUL’s contracts all end after next season, PLUS retained salary for gleason and cowan comes off, AND Nylander and Carrick are up for new contracts.

    I worry that making moves now would be acting too early, we’re gonna need the money down the line to pay our young guys. We should develop our D more this season and see what is available a year from now when we have much more free cap room to get the right guys.

    • Harte of a Lion

      All the Leafs d-men will be one year older and much better next season. That was the main reason for trading a 2nd for Boyle. To show everyone what the playoffs are about and how much harder it is than the regular season. If the players show up in September with the intentions of ramping up their intensity from the first puck drop, the team should be fighting for 1st in the Atlantic and top 3-5 in the east with the current roster.
      Extend JVR and Gardiner to a team friendly contracts. They will need to accept less if they want to win Cup(s) with the Leafs. Sign Boyle for 2 years. Sign Brian Elliot for 2 years as the back-up. He is better than he showed with Calgary and would be great insurance should Freddy get hurt. Get excited when Matthews scores 52 goals and wins the Rocket Richard causing every Habs fan to choke on their poutine.