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Mike Babcock says he’d like Hunwick back next season

On a night when we were all waiting for a jersey leak that ended up being the exact same, another piece of news also came out, via Sportsnet’s Chris Johnston:

Future Jack Adams Winner Mike Babcock leaked that he’d be interested in bring back “Hunny”, who he probably also described as a real good pro and a real good man while having a bit of a scowl on his face.

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If you want a more substantive piece about why Hunwick had a decent year and might make sense to come back, here’s what we got on him from a few weeks ago courtesy of Evan “Even President” Presement. If you want the TL; DR version, it’s that Hunwick started out pretty bad but actually turned things around down the stretch and was one of the Leafs’ better defenders in the later part of the year.

On Matt Hunwick, his amazing turnaround, and the case to re-sign

The most sensible reason why Hunwick hasn’t signed yet is that he a) might be testing the market, and b) might be waiting until after the expansion draft… I think that makes sense?

Then again, there have been a billion rumours surrounding the Leafs’ D core and we don’t really know how things will shake out.
Hockey is fun, guys!

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