TLN Good Boy Profile: Jax

Yesterday was International Cat Day. (Hope you had a great day, Jazzy.) To belatedly celebrate, we’re going to post about a dog.

People of Leafs Nation, I’m delighted to present our next Good Boy of TLN’s Dog Days of Summer!

Jax (Rottweiler, massive, great smile) belongs to Matt Martin and Sydney Esiason, and he is a delight. Just look at this boy.

Please note the glasses of milk. Healthy. Calcium. Also, Matt’s knee is breathin’ heavy.

Jax is a handsome fellow, and his baby pictures do not disappoint. Look at this precious pupper.

The definition of puppy dog eyes right there.

Jax is a dog of many interests. He supports his dad and enjoys being at the rink and watching hockey. He has opinions about the Leafs’ lines but those mostly involve “Go Dad! You protect those young ‘uns!”

He’s also a fan of the #views from Matt and Sydney’s apartment.

He enjoys cuddling and sitting in Sydney’s lap because as we know, any size dog is a lap dog as long as the dog believes hard enough.

Additionally, while Jax is a big fan of the high life in the city — whether that city is New York or Toronto — he’s also down to hang in the suburbs. I don’t actually know where he is here, but he’s enjoying himself at a pool and takes safety seriously, which we can all appreciate in a dog.

Literally every one of these photos and videos are from Matt and Sydney — mostly Sydney — so you should give them a follow for more #JaxContent. You can find them both on Twitter. Sydney’s handle is @SydneyEsiason and Matt’s is @MattyMarts17.

Final Rating: 15/10 for winning smile, masterful puppy dog eyes, and an attention to health and safety that many doggos lack these days.


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