Phil Kessel is a damned treasure

It’s August. Interesting hockey-related content is few and far between. But Phil Kessel — the man, the legend, the one and only — dropped a bomb on us today.

After winning the Stanley Cup with the Pittsburgh Penguins for the second year in a row, Kessel used his day with Lord Stanley’s mug to poke fun at a certain member of Toronto’s media. As you all know, Phil Kessel apparently enjoys hot dogs. A lot.

My goodness.

I always found it odd that Kessel wasn’t more of a darling in Toronto. He’s certainly got his following of fans who enjoyed him and his goofiness, but Kessel seemed to attract a lot of negative media for an everyman who scored a lot of goals and beat cancer.

He’s also given us many great funny moments like this, in regards to being left off of Team USA’s World Cup of Hockey roster…

And this…


It’s a shame it didn’t work in Toronto, Phil. But we love you. Keep doing you.

*patiently awaits “SLOW NEWS DAY?? comments*

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