Mitch Marner is celebrating the end of summer with a huge new tattoo

Not to be outdone by Auston Matthews, Mitch Marner stopped by The Village Ink in Toronto for some new ink over the weekend. The detailed image of Neptune/Poseidon (which appears to be based on “Bust of Neptune” by French sculptor Lambert-Sigisbert Adam) is on the same arm where Marner already sports a huge bicep tattoo with his last name.

Reactions online have been mixed, but most are in agreement that it’s a pretty sick tatt–even if we have no idea what the meaning behind it might be. Initially, discussion revolved around what exactly the tattoo was, since early shots from Instagram weren’t as clear as the finished product.

At any rate, Auston Matthews will need to get a move on, or Mitch is going to beat him to a full sleeve.

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  • The Russian Rocket

    Still looks like Joe Thornton a bit in my opinion. Poseiden is probably cooler but Thornton has more assists all-time so that’s gotta be worth something.