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Connor Brown (Finally) Re-Signed

It took most of the summer, but the Leafs finally got Connor Brown on a new contract.

The Leafs locked up Connor Brown to a three year contract, with an annual value of $2.1 million. This will put the Leafs approximately $4.5 million over the cap, according the NHL Numbers. However, once Horton and Lupul’s contracts are put on LTIR officially, they’ll still have some room.

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This is pretty good value for Brown. While he’s not going to put up 20 goals every year, having someone who has produced at every level for the next three years at only $2.1 million is a steal, especially considering some of the contracts on the team. Put it like this, they’re paying him $150,000 less to score twice as much as Zach Hyman.

It’s the ideal route to keeping the team together. Lock up the depth pieces to really cheap deals so that the team can still afford the big pieces. Although, I’d maybe prefer that Brown had a year or two longer, but I feel like that was the price for such an affordable deal.

All in all, it’s an excellent deal, not only in that the contract is great value, but also because Twitter will finally shut up about this whole ordeal.

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  • Skill2Envy

    I’m pleasantly surprised by this outcome, I was advocating for a deal similar to Jarnkrok, hoping the Leafs would get a steal.

    Hoping for 6 years @ $2M. Not far off.

  • magesticRAGE

    This makes the Hyman deal look even worse, but I’m glad it’s done. The deal seems to be a decent compromise, where Brown will have all of his UFA years to earn more money, whereas Hyman have up some of his.

  • Matmarwill

    This deal really surprised me. To me, Brown is atleast as effective as Hyman, and the comparables suggested a $3m range AAV. Why all the wait for such low settlement? I am extremely glad that Brownie is on board for three more years, and his desire to be on the team probably caused his side to cave, but I am almost ashamed for how little the buds gave him. Well, anyway, now he’s a millionaire.

    I get the impression Brownie is one of the hardest working, best character guys on the buds. Him agreeing to this deal proves it. If more of this group are willing to give a similar home team discount, the leafs can build a longterm winner, imho.

  • Capt.Jay

    With regards to Hyman making what some consider too much, I look at it this way. I never would’ve thought we’d sign both Hyman and Brown for a combined 4.25 mil per year. Good job by Lou and co.