WWYDW: About the Goat

Auston Matthews is missing his first game in his Toronto Maple Leafs career tonight.

This article isn’t about him, but we don’t talk about Auston Matthews enough in Toronto, so let’s do it now. What a player! What a shame he’s injured! Will the Leafs collapse and fold without him? Are they bound for the lottery?

Anyway, Frederik Gauthier is back with the big squad, but is scratched from the lineup tonight. This week’s What Would You Do Wednesday? question is about what the Leafs should do with Freddy and where he fits in the lineup both short- and long-term.

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After battling a leg injury from the AHL playoffs that put him out for the start of this season, Gauthier has… two assists in eight AHL games. Some say he’s an offensive black hole while others say he’s just waiting for the right chance.

Four years after he’s been drafted, is this the last chance for Frederik Gauthier, who’s an RFA after this season? What will be his fate? If you were in charge, What would YOU do with Freddie the Goat?

Play him a few courtesy games? Give him top line minutes? Trade him for an-all expenses paid vacation in the Caribbean for the Leafs’ front office? Appoint him captain?

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Think about it, and leave your answers in the comments below.


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