The Steve Dangle Podcast | Frieza Saga | November 14, 2017

Well, if you like passionate hockey and anime takes, this is your show.

WARNING!!! This is an explicit podcast. That means it may contain swearing. If you do not want to hear that sort of thing then do not watch or listen.

On this episode, the Montreal Canadiens signed Antti Niemi (00:00)

The Toronto Maple Leafs recalled Nikita Soshnikov today (16:30)

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The Leafs beat the the Bruins twice! this weekend (23:30)

JVR’s TOI has been quiet (38:00)

Brian Burke trolled the Toronto media (49:30)

Bad sports injuries (1:04:00)

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Roger Goodell and Jerry Jones are fighting (1:09:00)

Pokémon is ruined forever, DRAGON BALL Z is the best show ever, Steve goes Super Saiyan, and Adam is Star Wars NERD (1:26:00)

and the press conference (1:51:00).

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