The Roundup

Full panic in Edmonton and Detroit; Flames still searching for identity; looking at Leafs trade targets; examining the Jets start; John Tavares, Matt Hendricks and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by the DailyFaceOff.

In the Roundup, we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise.

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Note* This article is posted across all Nation Network team sites so comments are an open forum.


The early look at Leafs trade deadline targets (Ryan Fancey)

Sure, let’s talk about John Tavares (Jon Steitzer)

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6 TV character’s who could replace Roman Polak as the Leafs 6th D (ThatsKappy)

Roundtable: Which player have you been most surprised with this season (TLNstaff)


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4th line Perrault: Still underappreciated (WPGChief)

Let’s give Matt Hendricks just a little bit of credit (Art Middleton)

A look back at the first 2 months (Art Middleton)

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It’s time for the Red Wings to get over themselves (Chris Babiarz)

Does the Scott Wilson trade mean the tank is on? (Nick Seguin)

Lets not fire Blashill (Graham McMullen)


Flames still looking for identity (Steve Macfarlane)

Stockton Heat: 20 game report cards (Stocktonsfinest)


Can’t score if you won’t shoot (Jason Gregor)

The Oilers need a goalie and the Leafs have 3 (Jon Steitzer)

G is for General Manager (Graphic Comments)

Adam Larsson could be out longer than expected (Cam Lewis)

Learning curves (Jason Gregor)

Oh, Hi Todd! (Matt Henderson)

Hockeyfights.com – Scrap of the week

More from around the Network:

Arizona: John Chayka talks Coyotes, character and analytics (Jason Gregor)

Around the Atlantic: The Sens and Wings are in free fall (Cam Lewis)

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  • fumanchu1968

    The Flames identity is forming in front of our very eyes. Bennett and Janko are looking really good, our goaltending is looking good, 1st and 2nd lines are tops in the league, the defence will come around also.

    Edmonton is lost. They have the curse of losing purposely for #1 picks that will haunt them for years.

    • JusAFlamer

      Flames fans need to stop focusing on Oilers simply because they had the most annoying trolls ALL SUMMER long.
      Keep digging away BUT not every article needs them mentioned.
      Need to focus on rest of Pacific and West, get out of being bubble team and start pushing way up standings.
      Personally i hate Ducks a lot more than Oilers,

      even though i dislike the Oil has gone past anger/pity/irrelevance to the bigger picture for this team which is rest of teams in the hunt. (only relevant when we actually play vs them now)

    • canuckfan

      I don’t think their losing is from a curse more likely from habit. Signing McDavid for the big contract is what I think is hurting the team. He is a great player but the contract has given him credit for the teams success. Now that the team is going through an extended hard time with him being captain is hurting the team and likely taking a huge toll on McDavid’s mental health. The more the team losses the more he takes responsibility and tries harder but when that doesn’t work his confidence drops. The Oilers dressing room is likely very toxic. Two good players do not make a team, and the Oilers are not playing as a team and the coach is not able to find a system that will help get the team out of their funk. Yes they have injuries to some key players but so do a lot of other teams. Oilers were losing before the injuries hit. I guess many are looking at them saying that rebuilding the way the Oilers did is not a good plan, and that their general manager got ahead of himself thinking he was the savior and started throwing huge contract out for a couple players and leaving crumbs for the rest of the team. So much potential hope they can pull it together as they were a fun team to watch, they need to get back to team and away from the spot light on individuals. As a Canucks fan it is fun to watch, but as a hockey fan I hope they get it together as they were so much fun to watch last year.

  • Oilerchild77

    That’s right losers, keep the hate coming. The Oilers are having a rough year, but they’ll be back in contention soon. Bet on it.


  • Lucky 13

    The Leaf Nation is out to lunch.

    It’s no wonder they don’t have a readership or support.

    I can’t believe the crap they write. What’s worse, is I actually read some of it.

    Now I need a drink!