Remembering Johnny Bower


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  • lukewarmwater

    Actually those of us who do remember his career, I was about 5 when he played in Vancouver for the old Western Hockey League Canucks, so a little too young to remember him playing in God’s country. But any long time leaf fan truly remembers just how great he was, especially in the three cups in a row from 1962 to 1964, unfortunately the leafs would have won a fourth in a row in 1965, but John Ferguson figured an easy way for the Habs to steal a cup was to run Bower not once but twice in a game. It truly was a gutless puke move. But as they say Karma can be a B.
    The series that old time leaf fans will truly remember is 1967, a year that saw the leafs lose 10 in a row and face the heavily favoured Habs who were so confident that they had decorated the building for the Stanley Cup at Expo 67 in Montreal. When the leafs won the cup, Punch Imlach told the Expo staff to get that bleep Hab crap out of the building.
    But back to that series, in a couple of the games, the Habs totally dominated the leafs, but the tag team of two grizzled old future Hall of Famers, Johnny Bower and Terry Sawchuck wouldn’t give in and the leafs won the series in 6 games. Little did most of us leaf fans, I as an example got to watch my beloved leafs win 4 Stanley Cups in my high school years, think that this would be the last cup going on now for 51 years.
    Btw. There truly have been a lot of wonderful tributes to those great leaf teams, Many similar to Johnny have gone to hockey Heaven. I recall one of the more recent ones.
    Now a certain soul who will remain anonymous decided to put one of his patented podcasts and he spent most of it talking about what a great time he and his buddies and followers had eating pizza at some hall in Toronto. Now a very, very short time was spent on the recent ceremony of leaf greats as well this legend in his own mind had to talk about other matters. Now as it happened he had a couple minutes left in the broadcast and he and his buddies decided to go out side and have a pissing contest, I kid you not. Nope no time for Dave Keon, the Big M, Red Kelly, Johnny Bower to be discussed regarding the big ceremony held at the Air Canada center. But plenty of time for giggling and laughing over peeing up a wall.
    You see either YOU HAVE CLASS OR YOU DON’T. I think the boradcaster of that particular show, and you know him well will GET MY POINT.