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Josh Leivo requests a trade from the Maple Leafs

It was announced tonight on Hockey Night in Canada’s segment Saturday Night Headlines that Josh Leivo has, as the title states, requested a trade. Nick Kypreos broke the news, and while his analysis is usually questionable, when he shares insider information like this it’s usually reliable.

Leivo has only played 12 games for the Maple Leafs this season, and 25 over the last two seasons. When he signed a contract extension in November of last year, despite being on a stretch of not playing for several games, many assumed that he was happy with the arrangement. There was also speculation that perhaps he had assurances that next year would be different. Clearly that was not the case, and expected to play more this year.

With 13 points in 25 games, a 42-point pace, Leivo has shown in small bursts that he can be a depth NHL scoring threat. What a team is willing to pay for that remains to be seen.

Most teams in the league assign a certain value to contract slots, and will not be willing to take on a marginal NHL player like Leivo without sending a contract back. However, it would certainly be nice for the Leafs to only bring back draft picks in this trade, as they are currently at the 50 pro contract maximum and could use some breathing room.

Likely, we are looking at something similar to the Leafs dealing Richard Panik to the Blackhawks for Jeremy Morin, or perhaps more like the Calvin Pickard trade where one team (in that instance it was Vegas) sends a draft pick to make up for a difference in player value.

This is certainly an interesting development and one to keep an eye on as the trade deadline creeps nearer.

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  • rugape

    he wants to play, leafs are winning the cup this year, they should be trading JVR, Bozak and Komarov before the deadline, we’re going to lose all 3 at the end of the season. This will give Leivo and Sosh regular playing time and watch how fast he rescinds that request

    • Capt.Jay

      I can see more from him than Carrado and succeed more like Panik did once given the opportunity. Carrado never looked comfortable and was a giveaway machine. Leivo has already proven hes better in the short chances he’s been given.

      This may also force the Leafs hand as they obviously see value in him or they wouldn’t have protected him this summer and given him an extension. Trades are coming and he may be here at the end of all this. I’m realizing that even though his defence sucks, no one on the team can replace JVRs net presence so it’ll be interesting to see what comes of all this.

  • FlareKnight

    Well happy trails. Sadly there just isn’t ever enough room for everybody. No actual rush to move him since he made the crazy choice to sign an extension.

    Keep him as an extra body in case of injuries and move him in the summer.

  • Capt.Jay

    I think Bozak stays too. We need that capable 3rd line Center and he’s that. He’s somewhere between a 2nd and 3rd liner so he fits the bill. We have no one who can fill his spot IMO.

    I think Komorov goes unfortunately and worst case we lose JVR as well. Between those 2 their cap hit could be 8-10 million combined. We can’t afford them both. JVR isn’t taking less than 6 mil and Komorov isn’t taking less than 2. We will need leivo, Kap, and one of Rychel, grunstrom or Johnsson to step up next year so I hope Leivo stays