Apparently the Leafs are in on Luke Glendening for some reason

According to TSN Insider Frank Seravalli, the Leafs are one of the teams who have contacted the Red Wings about shutdown centre Luke Glendening. 

Okay, so, uh, I certainly hope this means they inquired about him to, like, see how he was doing or something. I really hope the purpose of the inquiry wasn’t about, you know, trading for him, or anything. Because that would be bad. Why would be bad, you ask? Well, because Glendening is bad.

This season, he has 14 points in 44 games. Obviously his role isn’t to score, but the Red Wings get caved in when he’s on the ice. The worst part about Glendening, though, is his contract. He’s signed to a Matt Martin-esque inexplicably long deal, as he’s under contract for three more seasons at $1.8 million.

I’m not sure where he’d fit on the roster. He could be better than Dominic Moore, but would he be enough better that it’s worth having him around for three more years? The Leafs already have to get themselves out from Martin’s deal, I don’t think they need another one of that kind.

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  • Drapes55

    1.8 mil for a decent 4th line center who can kill penalties and isn’t a liability defensively? Wow what a ridiculous contract! How could you pay a guy that much to do such meaningless work? I mean what an outrage! How dare he take up 2.4% of a teams cap space!

  • Capt.Jay

    I think the reason for people not liking this possible deal is that we have an over abundance of 4th line guys in the Marlies.

    We just traded Sosh away and are now talking about bringing the same type of player in. We don’t need another fourth liner on this team and people see that. Unless it’s a depth move for what they think can be a long playoff run, but even then I think we have another area of concern that needs addressing first.

    • leafdreamer

      Capt. Jay, much like the author of the above article, you appear to be confusing ‘not good enough to play on the top-9’ with ‘4th liner’. A competent 4th liner is someone who wins faceoffs, is defensively responsible and an play a physical game / take and receive a hit, drop gloves if needed etc. We actually don’t have many of those. Soshnikov’s ‘concussion issues’ are proof than, not everyone who can shoot and skate but not quite at the level to play in a scoring role, is well-suited for 4th line duties.

      • Capt.Jay

        I hear ya, and agree. I just think sosh could do all those things except fight because like you mentioned with concussions.

        I also don’t think I’m confused however with what a forth liner is. The game has changed and if you want traditional forth liners on a line then you have to consider taking Kap out of the line up for a rougher tougher player. Martin could drop the gloves but rarely did. He could also hit but in today’s game you get a penalty for hitting a guy too hard.

        As mentioned, the game has changed. Most teams would love to ice skilled players on their forth line but don’t have the depth for it. I don’t think players like Glendenning and Martin aren’t needed. Keep in mind we also have Komorov who is the same player as Glendening IMHO. I hear your point and it’s valid and correct, but so is mine. We just have different opinions on how we would want our forth line.


        • Drapes55

          I think the way to look at this is that the Leafs center ice position is not as deep as they’d like it to be. After Moore no one has stepped up and made the front office and coaches feel confident so they’re looking for an inexpensive depth center in case of an injury down the stretch or in the playoffs.

  • FlareKnight

    Eh, seems fine if they want to look into that. True enough that the fourth line center spot has been an issue. Not really surprising that they are looking into options they’d like for that job.

    They are a team going into the playoffs. It’s not a mystery why they’d want to improve the roster in various spots. If they don’t like the options for the fourth line C job then finding someone they do only makes sense.

    If they go and get this guy…I don’t mind. If they don’t, not a big deal either.