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Leafs Postgame: Kill shootouts with fire

If the Leafs plan to like, go for it, it’s likely they have to go through Tampa Bay. So like, playoffs are gonna be stressful.

The Corsis

The Leafs looked good for the first two periods! Eye test more or less matched up from what I saw. The Bolts made a push in the third, but it was all for naught as the teams ended up needing a shootout to settle things.

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First Period

Some stuff happened, or so I’m told. Look, I’ve got a day job, I had this Thing, and I missed the first. HOWEVER, Tomas Plekanec made his debut as a Toronto Maple Leaf.

Honestly… I don’t know who he is without the goatee. Are we sure that’s him? Maybe it’s somebody else?

McDonagh and JT Miller aren’t here yet, on account of Yzerman getting that deal done at like, 2:59 PM or whatever. It didn’t matter though, because Tampa Bay got off to an early lead on a Chris Kunitz goal. (First liner Chris Kunitz, in case you were wondering.)

The Leafs recover though, and James “Survived the Trade Deadline” van Riemsdyk gets the equalizer with a pretty deflection.

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Second Period

WEIRD THING: Nikita Kucherov doesn’t return for this period. We don’t know why. Nobody seems to know why. Bad news for the Lightning, good news for the Leafs.

Anyway, things seem to be going pretty well, the Leafs played a solid first period — ah, dammit. Roman Polak. That guy, he’s. Still here.

Tyler Johnson ties the game with wraparound goal, and we’re reminded that Polak skates as if he was dragging his blades through molasses.

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Then it looks like the Leafs manage to tie the game, but THE PUCK CONSPIRES AGAINST THEM.

Like, how?? Does that puck stay out??

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Later in the period, Polak (of course) throws attempts to throw a pass blindly to Nylander and the Leafs lose possession. Adam Erne snipes on Andersen, and just like that the Bolts have the lead.

Third Period

We learn that Nikita Kucherov is done for the night with an upper body injury. Not ideal

If at first, second, third, and fourth you don’t succeed, try, try again. That’s right, the Leafs FINALLY convert on a power play on their fifth chance of the game to tie it up at three apiece. It’s a Tyler Bozak goal from Mitch Marner, who gets a pass across the royal road. Those do well, you know?

The teams trade chances for a bit, but nothing happens until Cedric Paquette throws his glove at an official? And then the official throws it back at him on the bench? Honestly, I’m not quite sure what happened. It was strange.

See, it’s weird. But for a guy who just threw a glove at another human, Paquette seems weirdly offended to get that same glove thrown back at him. Like… dude.

Shortly after that weird play, Mitch gets sprung on a breakaway. Hedman gets his stick up in Mitchell’s hands, and the Leafs get a penalty shot. Mitch makes a nice move but Vasilevskiy is equal to the task and there’s nothing doing through the rest of regulation.




Callahan: no 😀
Our Dear Boy William: no 🙁

Point: goal :/
Bozie: no :((

Gourde: nope 🙂
JVR: nooooooo D:

Bolts win 4-3 in the shootout.

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Yeah, where is the lie?

no dylan take it away 🙁

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  • Glen

    Simply put ” you ain’t gonna win em all”. If Anderson is going to be a serious Vezina contender he had better seal off those posts. He hasn’t been as sharp the last couple games. Still he was pretty good.