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Our staff’s second round predictions

Apparently the NHL playoffs don’t stop just because the Leafs are out.

Things get underway tonight, and our staff has predictions on how it’ll all go down.

#Jon Hayley Hendren That’s Kappy Megan Kim Adam Laskaris Scott Maxwell Thomas Williams Ryan Hobart
Tampa Bay/ Boston TB in 4 TB in 5 BOS in 6 TB in 6 BOS in 6 TB in 6 TB in 6 BOS in 6
Washington/ Pittsburgh WSH in 4 WSH in 6 PIT in 7 WSH in 6 WSH in 7 PIT in 6 WSH in 7 PIT in 5
Nashville/ Winnipeg WPG in 4 WPG in 7 WPG in 7 WPG in 7 NSH in 4 NSH in 7 WPG in 6 NSH in 7
Vegas/ San Jose SJ in 4 VGK in 6 VGK in 6 VGK in 5 SJ in 4 SJ in 7 SJ in 7 VGK in 5

Agree? Disagree? Think we’re nuts?

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