Monday Mailbag: Finals Edition

Well, they said that the Leafs would need to win the Cup for hell to freeze over, but we still got hell frozen over, but instead because of one of the most unlikely Stanley Cup Finals ever: Washington vs. an expansion team.

I don’t know what hockey is anymore, but let me answer your questions anyways.

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Unfortunately, we don’t get preseason hockey until September, which is another three/three and a half months away. And then we gotta wait another month until the regular season. This’ll be a loooooooong summer.

I’d imagine their next “big” announcement will be that Nylander has re-signed with the team. I have a hard time seeing that they’ll make any big changes to the front office until after the draft or even free agency, so I would put money on Nylander’s contract being the next thing the team is working on.

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Last month, I wrote about some low cost targets that the Leafs could go after for the right side, one of them being just giving Carrick a bigger, more consistent role. I think it could’ve really helped the Leafs this season having at least one option on the right side that could move the puck, and Carrick was that, but was played in favour of Roman Polak. Hopefully, Polak won’t be back, so unless they make a big splash, Carrick might get a bigger role. But, he seems to have slowly joined Babs doghouse, so maybe that isn’t happening.

I mean, you could argue that they have two of them in Rielly and Gardiner, but I maybe wouldn’t go *that* far. In that case, their best option would probably be pursuing Carlson in free agency, although I don’t think that’s a good idea, or banking on Doughty or Karlsson going to free agency next season. Trade is very unlikely, unless you’re willing to give up Nylander or Marner, which I am not.

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  • Tommy Cat

    Jake Gardnier a #1 Dman???? Oh my. Hasn’t game 7 shown you anything? Biggest issue with #51 is that his feet moves way faster than his brain. Maybe throwing pucks towards the net cause he’s missed plays developing and he’s running out of space before he hits that part of the rink he’s deathly afraid of (the boards and corners) gives him a good corsi but he’s so far from a #1D its not funny.