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Maybe Later: David Levin

Who is David Levin?

A star at the GTHL level with the Don Mills Flyers, Levin went first overall in the 2015 OHL Priority selection draft. Levin’s story gripped even the casual fan, as he grew up in Israel playing inline hockey and didn’t even begin skating on the ice until he was 12. Unfortunately for Levin and the Wolves, his OHL career hasn’t quite exactly panned out as planned. He’s yet to hit the point-per-game mark in any of his three seasons, while stuck on a team that’s missed the playoffs twice in that span.

However, he’s stuck around long enough to be perhaps a late-round selection in his first year of draft eligibility. With a skill set that is believed to be still developing, and a ceiling likely higher than what his draft year has shown, Levin could find himself drafted by the city where he spent a few years forging his ice hockey dream.

The stats

Where is David Levin ranked?

Ranked #208 by Future Considerations

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What are the scouts saying?

“He’s got an excellent feel for the game. His ability to create time and space for himself and for his linemates to have success. I think that’s his greatest attribute, his ability to read the game and make plays at high speeds.” – Matt Ryan, NHL Central Scouting

“He is at his best in possession where he is able to utilize his puck handling skills and creative approach to generate offensive opportunities. He shows good awareness of his teammates and recognizes how to attack space effectively. David shows an ability to put himself in area where he can create for both himself and his teammates. Levin is at his best when he is able to make a quick decision and move the puck quickly. He can tend to over handle the puck and stick-handle himself out of idea positioning or turn the puck over. In possession, Levin shows an elusiveness to his game, using his edges and quick feet in combination with his puck skills to slip checks and create space.” –HockeyProspect.com

The eye test

Why should the Leafs draft David Levin?

If you’re looking to draft Levin, you’re hoping to unearth the player that everyone in Ontario junior hockey was clamoring after three years ago. Though it was once assumed he’d be a lock for a first round pick solely based on his positioning in the OHL draft, his junior career showed no signs of that being the case. He was never really able to stand out at the OHL level, and by all accounts, still has quite a bit of work to do to prove himself as an NHL option.

That being said, perhaps there’s a few kinks in his game that simply haven’t been developed yet due to his relative inexperience in playing hockey at any level that would have already been smoothed out by your average skater at this age.

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Levin’s definitely a bit of a wildcard, but perhaps he’s a stretch with just enough potential that it’s a pick worth making.

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