Leafs Announce Prospect Development Camp Roster

The Leafs have just released their 2018 Prospect Development Camp Roster, as per LeafsPR.

I’ve highlighted the 2018 draft picks, of which Semyon Kizimov  is the only draftee not to attend. This probably isn’t too big a surprise, but it’s encouraging that other Russian prospects Nikolai Chebykin and Vladislav Kara are making the trip over.

Notable Absences

Timothy Liljegren isn’t there, but that is true of all the Marlies, some of them will re-emerge for the rookie camp in September. Especially given the Marlies playoff run, the absence isn’t really that noteworthy.

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Yegor Korshkov not attending might be noteworthy, but since he’s still primarily committed to the KHL at the moment and has had a few years of pro experience, that may not be surprising either, but given the other Russians in attendance, I’ll leave it to you if you are disappointed or not.

Notable Attendees (who are with the Leafs organization already)

This is the only chance we get to look at the NCAA players, so Joseph Woll, and JD Greenway being in attendance is nice. The fact that Dakota Joshua isn’t there is probably a sign the Leafs have already made up their mind on him.

Notable Attendees (camp invites)

Egor Sokolov is probably the name that leaps off the page the most. He was very much expected to be drafted this year and the fact that the Leafs are taking a look at him is promising.

David Levin is a player that we recently profiled on theleafsnation.com and could be an interesting gamble for the Leafs as well. A closer look never hurt anyone.

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Roman Pucek and Pavel Rotenberg are two other intriguing options. Pucek put up great numbers in the second tier Czech league, and Rotenberg did okay in the second tier Russian league, both as 2018 draft eligibles.

And yes, since some of you were definitely wondering, that is Matthew Barnaby’s son on the camp invite list.

What Does Any Of This Mean?

Not a lot. This is basically orientation for the new guys, check-in for the older guys, and chance for the rest to fight for the more limited rookie camp spots. It’s still somewhat interesting. I mean it’s definitely something that kills the time until free agency opens.

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