Who should the Leafs’ next captain be?

Want to argue about something which really boils down to a piece of cloth on a jersey?

Want to see us argue about who the Leafs captain should be?
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Mike Stephens

The troops

Connor Bromley

I honestly don’t think we need a captain. Why force it? We haven’t had a captain and we have been doing really well.

Eventually, I see Matthews as the captain. This is still his team. But maybe you give captaincy to Rielly and the two A’s to Tavares and Matthews?

Next season though we should just stick without a captain. Why change a winning formula?


If I had to guess, I’d say it’s more likely Tavares than Matthews. Tavares has that experience already and everything I’ve heard suggests he’s capable of the task. With that said, some people will argue that it’s Matthews’ team and it’s his job to lose. I don’t believe Tavares wearing the C prevents Matthews from ever doing the same. Matthews will be 28 when Tavares’ contract expires, and Tavares turns 28 in late September. If Matthews isn’t ready now, he should be perfectly capable of wearing the C once Tavares leaves. Knowing this, I guess the answer doesn’t have to be one or the other for eternity. Why not both?

Scott Maxwell

I’m in favour of giving Rielly the C. He was the one who had to endure the tank years, so I’d argue this is more his team than Matthews. He’s already had the A, so Babs looks at him as a leader, and it avoids an answer to the question of whose team this is, Matthews or Tavares

Ryan Fancey

Auston Matthews should, and will, be captain

Megan Kim

If I’m being real… why would Tavares be the captain? He may have been in the league for like ten years or whatever, but last time I checked, he has zero years of being a Leaf. So both Auston and Mo have him beat there. I’m on the Auston for captain train. Why on earth would you give it to anyone else? Doesn’t matter if it’s this year or next year, but this is Auston’s team. Auston with the C, Rielly and Tavares with the A’s. If you want more alternates, Jake Gardiner is right there too.

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  • Steve B

    I have never been in favor of a guy still learning the game as the leader. If that guy is a leader he will show it soon enough, in the meantime an A is good enough as a role that has responsibilities but which are less and which teach how to follow. To lead one must first know how to follow, if not they will never truly be leaders. Therefore at this point my choice is the same as it had been before Tavares was signed and that is Morgan Rielly as one of the writers stated he has gone trough the lean years when this team didn’t have much to speak of and he’s survived and flourished when given a chance. Also when Babcock decided that he was going to try and make him into a shutdown D man, he didn’t complain he just followed orders and did his best out there. That must have been the longest year of his life, but my point is he did it and came out on the other side a better player. This is who I want as a leader because he is, he understands that everyone must do whatever is necessary for the betterment of the team. Yes it must be Captain Morgan and I have one leg on a keg right now. Cheers