How many random Leafs do you remember? Test yourself

There are a lot of good ways to goof off on the internet, and if you’re on our website, well, you’re obviously a fan of that.

We’re still nearly two months out from the regular season, and we’re stuck arguing about prospects and fighting about whether Brayden Point’s zone entries indicated the Leafs should’ve picked him over Mitch Marner.

What you’d probably also be interested in would be this quiz we found on Sporcle:

Can you name the All Toronto Maple Leafs Since the 2005-2006 Season?

We’ll give you a few freebies: Andrew MacWilliam, Jerrod Smithson, and Ryan O’Byrne.

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The rest is up to you.

You can take the quiz here.

Leave your answer in the comments below of how many you got, who you’ve never heard of, who you can’t believe you forgot, and anything else you were shocked by.


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