Sportsnet Announces John Bartlett as New Leafs Play by Play Broadcaster

With news earlier this week that Paul Romanuk, who had called Leafs games for the last four years for Sportsnet, would be stepping down from his role, there was some wonder as to who would take his place.

It only took a couple days, and we got that answer. John Bartlett was announced earlier today was the new play by play guy for Sportsnet.

Bartlett has experience calling games for the AHL, CWHL, the Clarkson Cup, and has done regional play by play of the Montreal Canadiens for both TSN and Sportsnet.

While some were hoping for a return of Joe Bowen, with his passion for the Maple Leafs, it probably wasn’t in the cards for Sportsnet. They probably want someone with a bit less bias to call the games, especially with a program that’s a bit more national appeal.

Bartlett will probably bring that kind of voice to Leafs, picking up where Romanuk left off. Besides, Sportsnet is really only involved for roughly half the games anyways.

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