Photo Credit: © Marc DesRosiers | USA Today

Remembering THAT Leafs moment: Connor Carrick scores the winner in Ottawa

Ah, the Ottawa Senators. We could talk forever and ever about their incompetence, but in reality, they’ve been a fairly consistent NHL franchise for the better part of their existence.

But the wheels began to fall off pretty hard this past fall, and by the time the Leafs were in Ottawa in January, the Sens were in full-blown crisis mode as it appeared they had basically fallen out of contention, meaning their big trade of Matt Duchene wasn’t quite working out.

However, the game didn’t quite start as planned. Toronto’s Zach Hyman did score the first goal of the game, but Ottawa hopped out to a 3-1 lead by the end of the second. To put the nail in the coffin, Tom Pyatt scored the third goal shorthanded with about two minutes remaining in the second.

But these Leafs weren’t known to just give up, and give up they didn’t.

Auston Matthews put the Leafs back into the game three minutes into the period, and two minutes later Mitch Marner scored his infamous NHL18 goal, his first goal in ten games.

And less than four minutes after that, the comeback would be complete:

Carrick’s goal found the back of the net, and as the Senators continued their freefall, the Leafs found their game once again and continued their march on towards the playoffs. A fun little moment in history.


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