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Top 5 Leafs to Watch in the 2018-2019 Season

At the time of writing this, we are 18(!) days from the start of Leaf’s hockey! So naturally, we are just finding something to do to avoid all responsibilities and get us through the tail end of the off season (anyone signed Franson or Shore yet?) Anyways, here are my top 5 Leaf’s to watch out for this season. The order might (or might not) surprise you, but it really shouldn’t as I am a Fremlin and anyone who even remotely follows Dylan or I can see how this is about to go down. I’ll break this down in videos rather than words because honestly, who would rather read my writing over watching visual proof?

5. John Tavares

To be honest, he barely made the list seeing how there are much more impressive players on the roster. But, I had to remind everyone in case they had not heard today, that John Tavares is in fact, a Toronto Maple Leaf (and yes, he did indeed not meet with a certain team who shall not be named *cough* Montreal *cough*). We have seen so much of JT this summer that I will not dive deep into this, he is amazing, and here is why.

I’m not crying, you’re crying. I said I would not dwell on this, so I’ll just leave that there (credit to Jaskaran Dhami on YouTube) and let it sit.

4. William Nylander

Here he is, everyone’s favorite Swede. I love him, you love him, and your significant others also love him (no shocking revelation there). Lets just watch a clip or two, shall we?

Ah yes, a wonderful feature including everyone’s favorite, Jake Gardiner, and I guess that Auston Matthews guy too. Has anyone ever seen someone so smooth? He truly is worthy of a higher spot on the list.

— Higher spot on the list did you say? Well, you requested it, here it is..

3. William Nylander

Easily rounding out the top 3, William Nylander strikes again, earning his second spot in the top 5. I was honestly going to leave him at one entry, but I got to watching videos and honestly, I was caught for hours just watching all Nylander content. Alas, here is more of my nephew (I guess that’s how this works?) William.

Yeah, that’s him stripping the puck from notable depth forward *reads note written on hand* Steven Stamkos, who is not good on any level (other than the NHL and probably anything he does including Fortnite). As if there is anything that Nylander cannot do.

I guess that I should prove that there is nothing that he can not do!

2. William Nylander

I’m honestly done with introductions at this point, here’s “weak” Willaim Nylander fighting in the corner (is this still a storyline that people follow?).


1. Willy Nylander

Coming in at #1, surprising absolutely no one, is notable handsome devil, William Nylander. Now that you have got through him being amazing everywhere but in the goals category, here is him doing that too.

NOTE: that Mitch Marner guy is kind of good too, he was #6 on this list.

Other important clips for the sake of humanity:

Thanks for following along for this long, and remember, your day is not complete until you have watched at least one whole hour of Nylander content. Here is an easy reminder if you ever forget what William Nylander means to you, and also, for fun here is the low end of what he deserves in his contract, courtesy of a poll by Ian Tulloch.

Poll results:

Nylander meaning reminder:

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