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Preseason Postgame: It has been 4-1

The Leafs took their second preseason game in a row against the Ottawa Senators on Wednesday night at the Canadian Tire (fire) Centre.

Tonight we got to see a little more of the distant future of this club, with top prospects like Rasmus Sandin and Timothy Liljegren playing on the blueline. This will probably be the first time a lot of Leafs fans got to see Sandin in action, so here are a couple highlights from the best defenceman with the first name Rasmus.

Cheeky Plays

A little bit of a risk stepping up like that, but it shows the confidence the young skater has in defending his blueline.

As he did for the Greyhounds, he does for the Leafs here – entering the offensive zone with ease and patience to set up the trailing winger with a nice pass. But I guess there are other more important for the “right now” players that the Leafs had playing in tonight’s preseason matchup. Like this guy named Auston Matthews.

What a cheeky bastard.

The Goals

A nice little preview of what Patrick Marleau might be able to do on Matthews’ wing all season long. A sneaky little pass from the oncoming Marleau to set up Auston right at the doorstep; no Sens had a chance of preventing that puck from going in the net.

Bracco is often forgotten when you list of the Leafs most important young players, but he has a chance to become something for the Marlies this season. Beautifully set up by Calle Rosen, Bracco is able to pull off a little deke to put it past that poor Sens goaltender.

Yeah, the guy that signed for basically league minimum is now able to do that. It’s preseason, but at least we know our fourth line winger is able to score these goals against poor competition (aka the whole Sens roster).

He also scored an empty-netter and now both free agents have scored two goals in their first preseason games. Dubas The Genius.

A Chart

chart via naturalstattrick.com

The Leafs absolutely ran the game in the second period to make that big of a pull towards them. It evened out in the end, but it’s still important to see how much this team can absolutely take over games at their own will.

The Leafs continue their preseason purge on Friday, September 21st at home against the Buffalo Sabres. Let’s hope they play better – like winning 4-0 of course.

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