Hittin’ the Links: An Uber-Packed Week

Sometimes it’s tough to keep up with all the best Leafs #content, so here’s a quick rundown of what’s been going on lately.

ICYMI: This Week on MapleLeafsNation.com

The Senators might not have been the only players to have a private recording surface recently.

Connor Brown is a #LeafForever…right?

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Kyle Dubas would never trade Nylander, but if he did, the Hurricanes probably already have a spot for him in the locker room.

More #LeafsContent

Add Darren Dreger to the list of people who think William Nylander will ultimately stay in Toronto.

Freddy came up HUGE for the Leafs against Vegas on Tuesday night.

Mitch Marner’s enthusiasm is hella infectious:

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~just hockey things~

If you’ve been living under an actual rock the past few days, you probably still heard about 1) the Blackhawks firing Q (of moustache fame), 2) the 7 Ottawa players recorded in an Uber without their consent, and 3) damn there’s not a third thing. I just like lists of three.

Brian Boyle defeated cancer AND the Pittsburgh Penguins, what a guy.

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It’s a little unusual, but Buffalo’s plans for Tage Thompson don’t include sending him to the minors, even for tons more playing time. (Heads up! This article is behind a paywall ?)

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