William Nylander’s Practice With AIK Today Was His Last

We’ve got something!

Sportbladet reporter Andreas Käck dropped an interesting tidbit on the seldom-seen William Nylander today. Nylander, who has been practicing this week with Swedish junior team AIK, was asked about this routine, as well as his contract situation, and had this to say:

What does this mean? Maybe nothing. Nylander has previously spent time practicing with Dornbirner EC in Austria, and returned to Sweden afterward. However, the timing here is something worth considering. Obviously, the December 1st deadline for him to play in the NHL this season is looming, and preparations may be in order for him to fly over and join the team if a deal is nearing.

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But for now, we continue to wait. And perhaps take some consolation in the fact that he’s still wearing Leafs gear.

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