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Kasperi Kapanen admits he’s had dreams about William Nylander signing, is instantly #relatable

That’s Kappy!

There’s been a lot of William Nylander content recently, with the deadline now slightly over 48 hours to him either re-signing, or sitting out the season. He could, of course, get traded, but there’s no deadline on that until February, although he couldn’t play unless a deal is signed before Saturday.

His teammates, however, definitely want the Swedish superstar back.

Longtime friend Kasperi Kapanen had this to say:

Same, Kappy. Same.

From William’s linemate and face of the franchise, Auston Matthews:

Same Auston, same.

And lastly, from Mike Babcock:

Lot of quotes, a lot of positivity. Do the players know more than they’re letting on? Will they quit on Dubas if they can’t get a deal done?

So what do you think? Are we all just waiting for the announcement at 4:59 on Saturday? Is William going to sit out the year? Has he really been signed this whole time? Is he signing a short-term deal? A bridge deal? An eight-year deal?

Will he sign one day contracts for the rest of his career?

Let us know in the comments below.

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