Zach Hyman earns first NHL suspension, can now refer to himself as “one of the baddies”

Wow! In a move that surprised no one, Zach Hyman earned a two-game suspension for the hit below.

In a game that definitely got away from the Leafs, Hyman’s frustration led him to throwing a hit that he usually otherwise wouldn’t have thrown.

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McAvoy, who’s missed much of the season so far with a concussion, ended up finishing the game and has been playing today in Ottawa. It was a reckless hit, and though maybe similar hits haven’t been suspended in the past, it doesn’t need to be a needle-measuring contest. Hyman’s hit by itself was reckless and that’s really all the NHL should care about here.

For Hyman himself, what do you think he’s gonna do with his time off?

At the very least, he can refer to himself as “one of the baddies.”

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