A quick, handy guide on how to deal with Islanders fans tonight mad that John Tavares is a Maple Leaf

In case you SOMEHOW missed it, the Leafs will be playing against the New York Islanders tonight, which usually wouldn’t be a big deal. But the Leafs have John Tavares, who used to be the captain of the New York Islanders, but then they didn’t have him, because he decided to sign a $77-million deal over seven years to go to Toronto instead of returning to a team that had not ever supported him with the kind of quality team a franchise player and former first overall pick deserved.

Islanders fans, despite never putting enough pressure on the team to be good, will probably be mad on all the social media platforms.

Here’s how to handle them, in person or online:

Be courteous: Definitely don’t let them know Tavares is on pace for a career year and will probably hit both the 40 and 50 goal marks for the first time in his career this year.

Get burn gear: You never know  if someone will be in the area burning a jersey!

Know the number of your closest poison control centre: Someone might just accidentally have brought snake venom from Tavares themselves, and it could get into the wrong hands.

Have the link handy for the NHL standings: The exact numbers don’t really matter, but the Leafs are by our measure “much better” than the Islanders.

Direct them to NHLnumbers.com to show them the Leafs do in fact have cap space to re-sign Marner and Matthews: This one should be self explanatory.

Thanks and have a great night!

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