John Tavares scores 300th career goal

He’s on pace to break many more career milestones, but John Tavares has scored his 300th career goal tonight against the New Jersey Devils.

The 300th in his career and the 28th this season, he will most certainly break his season-high of 38 goals with the best team he has ever been on.

Against a familiar foe in the New Jersey Devils, Tavares was able to score like he usually has this season – crashing the net and using those hands to get it past the goaltender.

A beautiful and patient play from the Leafs’ star center.

Currently at 28 goals and 20 assists in just 42 games (and twenty minutes), Tavares is on track to have a stellar year and most likely the best of his career.

Per NHL Public Relations, Tavares becomes the first player from the 2009 NHL Draft to score 300 goals. League-wide, there have been only two players to score more goals since Tavares’ debut in 2009: Alex Ovechkin (418) and Steven Stamkos (348).

An absolutely insane stat that just proves his talents were being undervalued in New York. Some truly special player.

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