What’s the biggest positive for you at this point in the season?

We asked our staff the question in the title.

Here’s what they said.


my lice went away

That’s Kappy

The Leafs have looked good twice now against the league ‘s top team, and just beat them in regulation. Frederik Andersen looks up to the task to go head-to-head against Andrei Vasilevskiy at this point, so what’s stopping the Leafs in a playoff series, really? The sky’s the limit.

Hayley Hendren

Mitchell Marner

Scott Maxwell

While the Leafs still have their flaws, the biggest positive for me this season is the fact that the Leafs have shown that they can skate with the big boys. While the results haven’t fallen their way (aside from yesterday’s win), they’ve been close with teams like Boston, Nashville, Tampa, Winnipeg, etc. and usually have been the better possession team in any of those battles, especially since Willy’s return. The results weren’t there recently, but that’s with Hutch in net. When Freddy’s in the net, they can play at the same level as anyone, which is a good position to be in for a team with Cup aspirations

Cat Silverman

Frederik Andersen was out with injury for long enough that Mike Babcock will be literally unable to play him in more than 68 games this year, so hopefully he’ll get enough rest with back-to-backs to survive a first round matchup!

Ryan Hobart

I’ve started to almost take them for granted, but the biggest positive is how much of an impact Mitch Marner and John Tavares have had together. Their production is staggering and they’ve been able to lead us through some tough games to victory with their elite skill and playmaking intelligence.

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