Postgame: A more disappointing homecoming than that one dance where no girls talked to me

If you clicked on the postgame because of the headline, it means we’re doing our job.

Unfortunately, the Leafs didn’t tonight.

Arizona scored twice in the game. If you’d really like to see their goals, here there are:

Hey, you remember that guy from his days in Montreal? No? Apparently he got traded at some point.

And uh… that was it.

This was the closest the Leafs came to scoring…

Some reactions…

Who wore the Crown?

After every Leaf game, we’re recognizing one Leaf player who best exemplified what it means to play hockey the “Toronto Way”: with heart and soul, above all else. Who wore the Crown is brought to you by Crown Royal, passionate fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Uh… Frederik Andersen?

Played well enough to win most nights, Leafs didn’t do anything to help him tonight.

Leafs are in St. Louis on Tuesday. See y’all then.