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Leafs are reportedly among teams asking about Chris Kreider

The Leafs are apparently looking to add more players before the trade deadline on Monday, and one of those players might be Rangers forward Chris Kreider.

According to Larry Brooks of the New York Post, the Leafs are looking into acquiring Kreider to bolster their top-9 forward group.

The Boston Bruins and Nashville Predators are also believed to be in the mix as the teams with the most interest, but it will apparently take a massive offer to pry the winger away from New York.

Kreider carries a $4.625M cap hit for this season and next, matching Dubas’ philosophy of acquiring players with term instead of rentals.

To get him, the Leafs would need to most likely give something of value and off their current roster. Brooks specifically mentions William Nylander as a player that should “overwhelm” the Rangers and would force their hand, but that would certainly be unlikely from the Leafs point-of-view.

The winger would most likely fit in the Leafs’ top-six forward group, as their LW depth is definitely their most lacking.

He would also provide a lot of what fans are currently desiring – physicality. He has a reputation of a “heavy” player and will definitely please many people.

Leading the Rangers in 5v5 on-ice CF%, Kreider not only is physical but a very, very good possession player.

He would be a great acquisition but would cost much more than the Leafs are prepared to pay.

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  • getrdone

    To give up Nylander is a non progressive move as far as the Leafs are concerned, they are looking to get better not tread water. Even to include a player like Johnsson would be OK and some other parts, but not Nylander.

  • Bob Canuck

    An alternative to Kreider would be Kevin Hayes from the Rangers. At 5v5, his total points per 60 ranks him 56th among forwards with at least 250 TOI. Although not as physical as Kreider, he has size (6’5″, 213 pounds).

    He is a centre, so I assume that he could play left wing. The negatives are that he is a pending UFA (Dubas would prefer a player with term), and his cap hit is USD 550,000 more than Kreider’s. However, given that he is a pending UFA, his cost should be less than it would be compared to a trade for Kreider. Also, if the Leafs want to preserve cap space for this season’s performance bonuses, salaries would have to go back to the Rangers for Kreider or Hayes.