Garret Sparks is back (for now)

The Garret Sparks saga has a new chapter. The most controversial back-up goalie on the planet is back in the limelight as third-string goalie Michael Hutchinson left the team for personal reasons.

For those who weren’t paying attention last week, Sparks mysteriously vanished from the team right before the end of the season. Everybody showed up to Leafs practice one day and Sparks’ locker was completely empty. It turned out that the Leafs had recalled Hutchinson from the Marlies to be the team’s backup while they sent Sparks off to go “rediscover” his technique.

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But now he’s back!

First, there’s this:

And then there’s this:

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Aaaaand finally, this:

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Drama averted. It seems Sparks is just temporarily filling in for Hutchinson as he and his wife prepare for the birth of their child. That means Sparks will disappear to go climb Mount Everest or go backpacking through Europe to find himself once Hutchinson comes back.

As I said earlier, Sparks is a controversial figure. He had a difficult time adjusting to the NHL level this year and didn’t play well down the stretch. That said, none of that really matters right now. All that matters is that Freddy Andersen is healthy and ready to play against Boston. If that happens, Sparks and Hutchinson won’t make a difference.

Move along, folks! Nothing to see here!

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