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Round 1, Game 6 Postgame: …there will be a game 7

Just as we all knew.

The Leafs will be playing another game 7 in Boston.

They fell apart for long stretches in the game….

and it cost them. Final score 4-2.

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Here’s how we got there, in the Leafs’ ugliest loss of the playoffs:

First period

Thing got off to a decent start, with the Leafs opening up the scoring.

Frederik Andersen made some great plays…

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… but missed two on the power play. A couple of goals from Brad Marchand and Torey Krug gave Boston the lead after 20.

Second period

It’s weird how the Leafs gave up just one goal, but this was likely the worst period they’ve played since, well, last year’s game 7.

It could’ve been the first period if Rielly didn’t get that one through, but Jake DeBrusk scored while the Leafs, who had just six shots in the first period, had just 15 by the time this one ended. Boston, meanwhile, had 30.

Third period

But hey, all you need is two right? Auston Matthews fired home this blast for his fifth goal in six playoff games this year…

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But unfortunately that was it. A few oohs, a couple ahhs, and a whole lot of expletives. Brad Marchand’s empty netter iced it. 4-2 final.


Who wore the Crown?

After every Leaf game, we’re recognizing one Leaf player who best exemplified what it means to play hockey the “Toronto Way”: with heart and soul, above all else. Who wore the Crown is brought to you by Crown Royal, passionate fans of the Toronto Maple Leafs. 

Rielly played 20:55 at 5v5 alone, had a goal and a 55.74 CF%.

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See you Tuesday. 7 or 7:30 p.m. the most likely start time, but you never know with this crazy NHL.

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  • VK63

    A very weird series. Honestly, in large stretches, both teams are just woeful at basic execution. I get that the ice is bad, the reffing is untrustworthy and unpredictable and the mental strain is considerable, however, these 40 players do this for a living. The level of cluelessness that clouds some of these performances is rather mind boggling.
    I do hope Jake Gardiner has a decent game 7, cuz….. well.