Dubas dunks on Darren Dreger, analyst pronounced dead

Toronto Maple Leafs GM Kyle Dubas has taken no prisoners and absolutely demolishes TSN’s Darren Dreger, killing your uncle’s hope that Dubas will somehow make a fool of himself.

After Dreger’s viral radio hit discussing forward Mitch Marner’s next contract and the possibility that his camp will be welcoming offer sheets, talking to other teams, Dubas calls him out on his shit.

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Riling up every Facebook dad holding a fish, Dubas negates anything that Dreger said during his hit, demonstrating that all of his information is coming from Marner’s camp or another biased source.

Dreger is clearly talking to anyone with new information, regardless of the truth, but setting up his cafe and the carousel of sources this summer would be important for getting those clicks.

No information will be coming from the Leafs, talks are continuing between the two parties and that’s all that really matters. Speculation on what the star will be getting, or what he’s technically worth with one single graph is all just screaming into the void. No one truly knows what’s going on except Dubas and a couple people surrounding Marner — we’re all left to do guesswork and hope that the contract allows some improvements.

In the next month the picture will become slightly clearer, the Leafs are bound to make moves before they head into the draft and the 2019-20 roster will look more complete than it does currently.

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Dubas and the rest of Leafs management will be busy in the next few weeks, but there is always time to dunk on some nerds that spread lies.

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  • Brandon

    It must suck to have a job that requires you to endlessly make baseless speculations most often based on no information. Maybe some people would like that, but I’d hate it. I like the analytical explorations and deep dives into tape myself.