Nylander will be wearing #88 next season

The Maple Leafs have already created a new look for their roster heading into the 2019-20 regular season, but one of their players will be visually looking different as well.

William Nylander will be going back to his youth in Sweden and sporting his original professional number, 88.

During his time with MODO before heading over to play in North America, Nylander wore his now-current number. When he came to play for the Marlies, Nylander wore number 62 and kept that number to make his NHL debut in the 2015-16 season.

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When he made the team out of camp in 2016, Nylander changed his number to 29, the reverse of his dad Michael Nylander’s number that he wore most of his NHL career, 92.

The change to 29 was given that reason, or it could be also Lou Lamoriello’s obsession with low numbers, but that’s not proven anywhere.

Because of this change three years into his full-time NHL career, Nylander will be paying for fans to get their current jerseys of his recrested at Real Sports.

This new-look forward is looking to bounce back from a disappointing season overall. Starting with a depressing and tiring contract negotiation, to not looking like the same player in years prior — finishing his 54-game season with just seven goals and 27 points. But with his underlying numbers looking elite and a full summer to train and get ready for September, Nylander is bound to comeback with an impressive season that will make everyone shut their mouths about the remainder of his contract.

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  • magesticRAGE

    Johnsson-Matthews-Nylander line have the capability to be the hottest line in the league. Two first lines being deployed, one after the other. Getting excited already.

  • Bob Canuck

    I think Nylander will prove to be worth the money that he is paid.

    Over the past three seasons, a forward who averaged 70 points per season would have ranked 24th among forwards. A forward who averaged 75 points during that period would have ranked 21st.

    I think Nylander can produce in the 70 to 75 point-range thereby making his AAV going forward very good value. Based on a 70-point pace, Nylander underperformed in his first year of the current contract by 19 points (70/82 x 54 – 27; where 54 was the number of games played and 27 was Nylander’s points). I think Nylander can make good on the 19-point shortfall. In my opinion, a forward who is a top-25 point producer is worth a $7 million AAV.

    • Stan Smith

      I have stated all along that I think Nylander has the potential to become a younger, better looking, Phil Kessel, a 25+ scorer, close to point a game player, with a questionable all around game, and work ethic. If he does that, his contract will be a good one. If it turns out that his ceiling is 20 goals and 60 points, the fact that he is only owed $20M out of his $45M contract makes him easy to trade.

  • Stan Smith

    I first wondered why in H3ll Nylander would pick a number that is going to put more pressure on him, and make him look even worse in the eyes of his haters out there. But, now that I have read it is his old number, I have to admit, I am impressed with him doing this. He has to know it is going to make him more noticeable, and will put more pressure on him to perform. I say good for him.