The Everything Leafs Podcast Episode Two: Losses in Leafs Land

Despite having a rough week, there’s still a lot of time for the Leafs to become the team they are expected to be.

In the second episode of the Everything Leafs Podcast, Nick DeSouza and Kevin Papetti discuss a number of different topics:

(0:50) Recapping Last Week’s Action

(2:10) Brief thoughts on Mike Babcock

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(6:51) Are there any reasons to panic with the Leafs forwards?

(11:45) Who will win the fourth line battle?

(16:35) Thoughts on a potential Nic Petan trade

(19:10) October 2019 vs October 2018 concerns

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(23:07) Probability of a Ceci Trade

(26:00) Concerns on defence & Barrie’s slow start

(31:25) Re-Signing Barrie vs Muzzin

(42:25) Summarizing Toronto’s key issues to date

(43:45) Pros and cons of Mike Babcock

(54:35) The famous stretch pass debate

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(1:08:00) Coaching tactics to look for in the near future

(1:12:18) Final shoutouts, Robertson, SDA, and the Marlies

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You can find us on twitter at:

Nick DeSouza: @NickDeSouza_
Kevin Papetti: @KPapetti

Thanks for listening!