5 thoughts on the Leafs sixth straight loss

Alright, it was a 10:00 start time. I’m tired. You’re tired. We’re all mad at another loss. So let’s get this over with.

Pierre Engvall’s NHL Debut

After 16 points in 15 games with the Marlies, his excellent play (and a couple of injuries) have given Engvall the opportunity to finally make the NHL. So, how did he do?

Uh well, not good. He saw the shot attempts go 2-18 with him on the ice, and a 14.12% xGF% on the ice. But let’s be real, you can’t really blame him for this. Not only did his linemate the Goat have a bad game, but he’s also coming onto this team amidst the biggest gongshow since the Peter Horachek days. Let’s just forget this one ever happened.

Leafs Allow the First Goal… Again

For the eighth straight game (and the 18th time this season), the Leafs have allowed the first goal of the game. They are 7-9-2 this season when allowing the first goal, so it’s almost like they should actually go out there and try to score the first goal of the game instead of starting the game playing like you’re losing.

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Now, it’s not like they weren’t good in the first. They were actually exchanging chances, and the defense seemed to be jumping up in the play a bit more, which may have partially been because of the revamped defense pairs.

Wait, Babcock changed them in the second period? And after that they went to playing bad again? Colour me surprised.

The Matthews Line Dominate Again

Once again, the only line that has shown up during this hell of a stretch is the Matthews line, with the trio creating a good chunk of the Leafs scoring chances this game, despite not scoring either of the goals. Unfortunately for them, they had to face Marc-Andre Fleury in God mode, so they didn’t end up on the scoreboard.

And in a weird way, they are succeeding mostly due to their own individual skill instead of the systems they’re supposed to follow.

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The PK is Baaaad

Yeah, the penalty kill was horrendous tonight, allowing goals on both opportunities for Vegas.

I mean, that’s what happens when your top penalty killers in terms of ice time are… Frederik Gauthier and Cody Ceci. Like, the Goat, a forward, the worst forward on the team as well, led the entire team in penalty kill time tonight.


This Sucks

Like actually though, this is awful. This feels like the 2015-16 season where I almost want to cheer for the losses to get the worst part of it over with. But deep down I know I shouldn’t because not only is it weird to cheer against your favourite team in a season where they are supposed to CONTEND FOR A CUP, but also it’s just slowly pushing them out of playoff contention.

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Yeah, this just sucks. Can we get rid of Babcock now?