Leafs Madness Bracket: Closing out Round Two

Not too many, if any surprises on day one of Round two. Mahovlich making easy work of George Armstrong is probably as close as we got to an upset. The complete dominance of Sittler’s win over Turnbull was impressive. Now we’re on to the two more recent eras, and some really tough decisions.

The Story so far…

Today’s Match-ups:

Someone had to go up against Mats, and unfortunately for Mogilny, it’s him.

For me, Potvin is a bit of a no brainer, but there is no doubt that Darcy Tucker holds a special place in some of your hearts.

Again, I’m an Andreychuk fan, but I know he’s in tough against Curtis Joseph. The decisions today are the start of some really tough calls.

As fun as a Kaberle upset would be, no one is holding their breath on that.

Pretty much a lock that Matthews will move forward, but there will be some love for Kadri, I’m sure.

This is the toughest decision of my life.

Another interesting matchup, but it’s the recency bias region for a reason.


Anyways, we’re off to the Sweet Sixteen tomorrow. Happy voting.