Accolades continue to roll in for Nick Robertson as he is named an OHL 1st Team All-Star

It’s been a good few weeks for Nick Robertson. He’s received OHL and CHL Sportsman of the Year honours. He’s been assured a spot on the Leafs training camp roster, and now this…

That’s right. Two, count him two more things to add to Nick Robertson’s list of achievements.

The 1st Team All-Star honours is probably one that we should have expected, and while the Petes MVP honour might also be one that seems a tad obvious, the fact that it’s his peers recognizing him drives a pleasant narrative about character in addition to talent. Of course this means that Semyon Der Arguchintsev didn’t win Team MVP honours, but we’ll just assume he was the runner up.

Assuming this trend continues, we’ll be seeing the Conn Smythe Trophy awarded to Nick Robertson this fall.

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