Bruce Cassidy on Toronto as a hub city: “We’ve played well in that rink in the playoffs”

Though there hasn’t yet been an announcement, it appears as though Toronto is going to be named as one of the NHL’s hub cities for the 2020 playoffs.

Arthur Staple, a reporter covering the New York Islanders, said on Monday that he’s heard that Vegas and Toronto will be used as hubs. Ultimately, given all of the amenities and the fact that it’s close to home for both the league and the media, it makes a lot of sense for Toronto to host the playoffs.

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Also giving his blessing for using Toronto as a host is Boston Bruins’ head coach, Bruce Cassidy…

Obviously, the outcome of both first-round series between the Leafs and Bruins the past couple of years has tilted in Boston’s favour, but, to be fair, the teams have actually split the games in Toronto 3-3. So no, Bruce, you haven’t played THAT well in Toronto in the playoffs!