Leafs prospect changes KHL teams

Okay, so it’s not exactly big news, but it’s something that happened to a Leafs prospect, so here it is if you are interested…

Official Announcement translated via google:

Hockey club “Lada” made an exchange with the Nizhny Novgorod “Torpedo”. Tolyatti club received monetary compensation for the rights to Semyon Kizimov .

For two seasons in the “Lada” Kizimov played in 103 matches, gaining 27 (9 + 18) points.

So, yeah, that happened.

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There wasn’t any danger of Semyon Kizimov being brought over to the Leafs or Marlies anytime soon, and perhaps this will get the 20 year old winger playing in the KHL sooner rather than later, as he has spent the past two seasons in the second tier VHL in Russia.

Kizimov has always been a bit of a long shot prospect for the Leafs, but given their ability to find Russian talent of late it’s hard to completely discard the idea that long shots like Kizimov and Kara might someday be players that we want to see the Leafs bring over.

Perhaps the next season will help us better assess a prospect that many of us know very little about.