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Getting Paid? Leafs players due for signing bonuses today

It’s July 1st. Happy Canada Day to those of you who choose to celebrate it, and happy pay day to a significant number of Leafs. Or at least it was scheduled to be pay day, whether or not any cheques were sent out remains to be seen, but the expectation is that they will or according to Bob McKenzie at least no later than after the Independence Day weekend.

As per PuckPedia, there is a substantial amount of money due to 24 Leaf players and one former Leaf player today…

Players 2020-21 Bonus 2020-21 Total Salary Bonus as % of pay
Matthews, Auston $15,200,000 $15,900,000 95.6%
Marner, Mitch $14,300,000 $15,000,000 95.3%
Tavares, John $11,090,000 $12,000,000 92.4%
Nylander, William $3,500,000 $6,000,000 58.3%
Kapanen, Kasperi $1,000,000 $2,860,000 35.0%
Kerfoot, Alexander $1,000,000 $3,600,000 27.8%
Johnsson, Andreas $1,000,000 $3,600,000 27.8%
Korshkov, Yegor $92,500 $925,000 10.0%
Robertson, Nicholas $85,000 $850,000 10.0%
Der-Arguchintsev, Semyon $80,000 $800,000 10.0%
Barabanov, Alexander $92,500 $925,000 10.0%
Abramov, Mikhail $75,000 $775,000 9.7%
Forward Total $47,515,000 $69,910,000 68.0%
Muzzin, Jake $7,300,000 $8,000,000 91.3%
Holl, Justin $1,000,000 $2,000,000 50.0%
Lindgren, Jesper $92,500 $792,500 11.7%
Sandin, Rasmus $92,500 $925,000 10.0%
Duszak, Joseph $80,000 $800,000 10.0%
Lehtonen, Mikko $92,500 $925,000 10.0%
Hollowell, Mac $78,000 $783,000 10.0%
Král, Filip $75,000 $775,000 9.7%
Rubins, Kristians $60,000 $760,000 7.9%
Defense Total $8,870,500 $23,043,000 38.5%
Andersen, Frederik $4,000,000 $5,000,000 80.0%
Scott, Ian $92,500 $792,500 11.7%
Woll, Joseph $80,000 $800,000 10.0%
Goalie Total $4,172,500 $8,092,500 51.6%
Kessel, Phil $750,000 $900,000 83.3%
Grand Total $61,308,000 $101,945,500 60.1%

Not surprisingly it’s the Leafs core that stands to get paid the most today, and the entry level contract players make up the majority of players due money, and arguably they are the ones who could use it the most. While I’m sure that Auston Matthews and company are looking forward to whatever percentage of their bonus finds it way to them, I’m sure players like Ian Scott, and Kristians Rubins are even more thrilled to pay their bills.

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As of right now we have no idea if the payments have been put on hold or went through as planned, but there is potentially some benefit to payments being made in advance of the offseason for the Leafs.

Players like Andreas Johnsson, Kasperi Kapanen, and Alexander Kerfoot, who are possibly offseason trade bait might have some more appeal to cash strapped teams around the league. All three also have reduced salary for the remaining years on their contracts, so it seems reasonable that there will be a premium associated with all three of these players going into the 2020-21 season.

While it’s possible the NHL might defer payments until pay resumes, it’s not likely they’ll be able to persuade the NHLPA to push back bonuses all the way until the end of October when the “off-season” is slated to begin. In that sense the Leafs will have benefited, and we’ll take it.