More trade proposals from around Leaf Land

A couple of days ago we put out a call for trade proposals. We took a look at some of them in the post below…

Taking a look at the trades you want the Leafs to make

Given the number of trade proposals we received we’ve decided to do a follow up post a few of the other interesting proposals we received. So without further adieu…

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Scott:  This is one of those trades where I’m hesitant to say yes, but deep down know it’s a solid trade, which probably means that it’s good for both sides. That’s just my biased opinion, but I have no problem with this trade, although if anyone says no, it’ll be St. Louis.

Michael: Not 100% sure this will be enough of a return to convice the Blues to part ways with Parayko since they value him so highly. I like the idea behind it and more often than not this the kind of package teams need to give up to get a defeceman like Parayko. Unfortunately, doubt this trade will occur.

Jon: I want to believe that this is something that could happen. As a 1st, and Liljegren are a good start. I just don’t see why the Blues would do this when they just need to shuffle a couple of pieces like Jake Allen and Alex Steen to be able to keep their roster core intact. The value seems okayish from a Leafs perspective, except Johnsson would also be more salary than the Blues would likely want to take back on a player coming off an iffy year.

Matthew R: This is a very intriguing trade for Toronto, and honestly on paper, it looks pretty fair on both sides. For Toronto, it’s a lot to give up, considering Liljegren is supposed to make the jump to the NHL any minute now, and the 15th overall pick in such a deep draft is so tempting. But Colton Parayko is exactly the type of top 4 RHD the Leafs need and he would definitely require these types of assets as a return. Unfortunately, I don’t think this would be what St. Louis is looking for in exchange for Parayko, especially as contenders.

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Nick B: As much as it would pain me to see Timothy Liljegren go, this trade would be good — not just for the Leafs, but for both sides. You assess the needs on the right side of your defence while not giving up too much. However, I don’t think St. Louis accepts that trade because of Liljegren and foggy his future is.

Scott: * vomits profusely * Get Rasmus Ristolainen as far away from this team as possible please, especially when the return is Freddie and a first without any other big assets coming back the Leafs way. I wouldn’t even trade Dermott or Holl for him, never mind that.

Michael: It’s a no for me. Nevermind the fact that Buffalo is getting off like bandits with their return, Ristolainen isn’t going to improve the Leafs defensive issues. I also don’t like the idea of the Leafs giving up a first to move up a few spots in the second round. Only piece that intrigues me is Ullmark, but him alone isn’t enough to save this trade proposal. Pass.

Jon: I want to pretend I never saw this. It hurts my eyes and my soul.

Matthew R: No. Rasmus Ristolainen may fit the bill as a right-handed defenceman, but he is not the player the Leafs should be pursuing. At a cap hit of $5.4 million especially, Ristolainen does not immediately improve the team’s defence. Not to mention, any trade giving up both Andersen and top 15 pick should yield a better return.

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Nick B: A trade that involves Frederik Andersen scares me, especially when you have Linus Ullmark coming the other way. If you trade Andersen, you need a good return (or better goalie) and a tandem of Ullmark and Jack Campbell won’t get you deep into the playoffs.

Scott: I like Ekblad coming back, but I’d rather not destroy the Leafs bottom six center depth without getting something in return, and that return is not 30+ Sergei Bobrovsky for six more years.

Michael: As much as I like the idea of getting Ekblad, no way this one happens. Why would Flordia agree to retain half of Bobrovsky’s salary for the next six years and cripple their cap situation long term? Why would the Leafs part ways with Kerfoot and Johnsson without stabilizing their middle-six in return? What does Marchment provide that is worth bringing him back? Too many questions that need to be answered make this trade an unlikely one to occur.

Jon: A pure lunacy deal with Florida could have been possible if Tallon was still the GM, but maybe the Leafs will get lucky and Chiarelli will take over the GM role. This seems to a gymnastics effort to land Ekblad without giving up anything the Leafs really value. Also LOL @ Marchment.

Matthew R: Ekblad is really the centre-piece to this trade, as I don’t think the Leafs would want to take on a 31-year-old Sergei Bobrovsky when he’s already starting to decline, even at retained salary. Ekblad would be great, but I think these trade pieces could be better utilized to fill needs more effectively. I just can’t see this trade benefiting the Leafs.

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Nick B: This is a hilarious trade that obviously would never be accepted by the Florida Panthers, but hey you never know after the pandemic that just hit us. NHL teams might be willing to sell off some pieces to save money in the future and with Aaron Ekblad and Sergei Bobrovsky carrying massive contracts, it might be worthwhile for the Leafs to check in. (I think on just Ekblad, not Bobrovsky.)

Scott: Hmmm, the Leafs get a slightly younger defenseman, who is only $200,000 more expensive while signed for three additional years to Rielly, all while being better at both ends of the ice? There’s no way Vegas takes this deal, but where do I sign up?

Michael: I’d love getting Theodore but no way Vegas accepts that return. Toronto will need to give up more than just Rielly (likely the 15th overall pick or a prospect), but there is potential here. Add a few other assets on the Leafs end and I think this one could work.

Jon: Shea Theodore is a good player to like, the problem is the Golden Knights also probably like him a lot. Picking up player with one year left on his contract while downgrading at the position doesn’t make a ton of sense for Vegas.

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Matthew R: Ekblad is really the centre-piece to this trade, as I don’t think the Leafs would want to take on a 31-year-old Sergei Bobrovsky when he’s already starting to decline, even at retained salary. Ekblad would be great, but I think these trade pieces could be better utilized to fill needs more effectively. I just can’t see this trade benefiting the Leafs.

Nick B: This trade scares me because Shea Theodore has been dominant in the playoffs with the Vegas Golden Knights, but also, it’s Morgan Rielly. He’s been with the Leafs for his entire career and I think he’s earned the right to be in Toronto until he retires. In every game seven loss, he’s been there. After all of the bad games, he’s there to answer for it. I don’t think the Leafs should ever trade Rielly.

This is another reminder that making a balanced and workable trade proposal is hard. It’s also funny that we always expect such a balance when we rarely see balanced trades between two teams. As Speculatember continues on, expect a lot more trade talk. The Freddie Andersen trade watch seems to be on, and that will make for an exciting month.